Airbrush Kit with Cordless Compressor

This airbrush kit is suitable for beginners as well as for professional artists.

Get the Airbrush Kit with its Cordless Compressor
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This Portable, Dual Action Airbrush Kit includes a Mini Rechargeable Compressor for a complete cordless airbrushing solution.

32 PSI of pressure makes it easier to spray heavy paint or foundation.

The double action trigger makes it easy to control paint and airflow separately.

Connect the portable compressor directly to the airbrush or connect the compressor with the provided braided air hose.

Create art for a variety of applications such as original or touch-up painting, model painting, makeup, cake decorating, temporary tattoo, nail beauty, facial care, car & helmet painting, T-Shirt painting, shoe painting, barber shop art, and more.

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