Recirculating Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Bucket System


The Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC) Top Feed Drip Hydroponics Systems is a 5 Gallon Kit complete with a Water Pump, Air Pump, 4 Buckets + Reservoir + Drip Kit.

🌱RDWC + TOP FEED DRIP — Combines Recirculating Deep Water Culture System and Top Drip Hydroponic Systems, utilizes negative water pressure to recirculate oxygenated nutrient solution through the plant’s root zone. Requiring no timers, the 24/7 circulation and aeration encourage rapid root growth and ensure pH and EC levels are uniform throughout the entire system.

🌱COMPLETE RDWC KIT — 4 x Growing Buckets, 1 x Reservoir, 1 x Air Pump, 1 x Water Pump, 5 x Air Stones, 4 x Top Drip Irrigation Kit, 1x Water Level Indicator, 4 Packs Clay Pebbles, 1x Instruction and other needed install accessories. The package contains everything you require for a complete hydroponics grow system.

🌱POWERFUL AIR PUMP & WATER PUMP — 4 x 4L/min strong air output provides ample oxygen to the root via air stone; 800L/H water pump, which is more efficient and more water-saving to grow larger, healthier root systems of plants.

🌱WIDE APPLICATIONS — This RDWC hydroponic system is simple to operate and well suited for residential, professional and commercial facility applications. Perfect for urban farmers, hobbyists, small commercial growers, and educators alike. Start your hydroponic gardening system business in a grow tent, greenhouse, garden, balcony, office, garage, or even basement! You can grow any type or size of plants imaginable!

🌱EASY INSTALLATION & AFTER-SALE SERVICE — Hydroponic bucket holes are pre-drilled and come with an installation manual. The manufacturer also provides a detailed assembling video to ensure quick installation and maintenance.

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