Piano Chord Chart Poster


Piano Chord Chart Poster, Educational Guide for Beginners Learn Chord Progression, Play Sequence in Any Key, Piano Wall Chart Reference for Adult or Kid

🎹 Instantly play any essential piano chord sequence in any key, whether it’s bass or soprano, with ease and without awkwardness when playing with singers.

🎹 Simplify your piano chord learning process with a practical and easy-to-read wall chart poster that includes over 90% of modern music’s chord sequences, compared to page-turning through a chord book.

🎹 Craft unforgettable harmonies and rhythms as a songwriter or piano player by knowing the foundation of piano chord progressions, which can be applied to digital pianos or piano keyboards.

🎹 Beginner-friendly large 16″ x 24″ (40 x 60 cm) piano chord poster printed on poster paper with a matt laminated finish to avoid any reflective glare from lights, waterproof and tearproof for durability.

🎹 Regardless of your instrument, chords are a vital part of your music. With a piano chord progressions chart, you’ll have the chords chart you need to incorporate into any key of your music.

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