Odyssey Multi-Powered All-Band Radio


Get in touch with your inner Prepper! With this unique All-Band Radio you can monitor AM, FM, NOAA, and Shortwave frequencies.  You can listen via Bluetooth, a wired headset, or the built-in speaker.

It is multi-powered working with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, alkaline AA batteries, a solar panel, and even a hand-crank mechanism. These four sources power not only this unit, but it can also function as a phone charger!

This device also features a powerful 3-LED flashlight with an emergency S.O.S. function.

Be ready for unexpected events. Experience worry-free portability with its rugged design and IPX4 Splashproof rating. This allows you to take it anywhere without concerns about durability. Ensure you’re always connected to important updates by seamlessly locating and tuning into your preferred radio stations using the digital tuner and clear display,

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