Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller

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The RichYa 6¡± Inline Duct Fan features a Variable Temperature Humidity Controller for Ventilation, Exhaust, Heating, and Cooling. Ideal for Grow Tents and Hydroponics!

High Efficiency & Energy Efficient Fans: Remove heat from the system to solve air delivery problems without the additional hassle or expense of major system rework. Ideal for industrial, home and garden ventilation applications for air cleaning and temperature control.

Upgraded high-speed air pressure design: Powerful blower speed of 2900 RPM produces strong airflow; it combines the features and benefits of axial and centrifugal fans to efficiently circulate air.

Low noise: Durable fan blades rotate smoothly and powerfully, helping to collect airflow and reduce noise output; composite fan blades and center hub, reducing noise and vibration without affecting daily.

Adjustable speed: A stepless speed controller on the power cord allows the fan to run at different speeds as needed; with this speed switch, you can adjust it to the desired airflow level.

Durable Fan: Made of high quality cold rolled steel. The surface is treated with a plastic sealant for high corrosion resistance. The tight and precise construction reduces wear and tear, thus extending the life of the components.

Versatile applications: Suitable for cooling lighting equipment and managing hot and humid conditions in grow tents, bathrooms, kitchens, hydroponics, HVAC applications, commercial grow rooms, etc. (includes speed controller) Suitable for industrial, home and horticultural ventilation applications; it moves large volumes of air quietly and efficiently throughout the ventilation system.

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