Guzheng with Hand-Carved Wood Craftwork


Landtom® Professional Nanmu Wood Guzheng(163cm) with Hand-Carved Craftwork For Adults/Children/Senior/Intermediate/Beginner (Roaring Dragon)

Chinese Guzheng is often used in solo, ensemble, instrumental ensemble and accompaniment of song and dance, opera, and art. Because of its wide range and beautiful sound, it is called the “King of public music”, also known as the “Oriental Piano.”

The hand-embossed craftsmanship and the carvings of the guzheng are hand-carved by traditional woodcarving masters. The pattern shows the grandeur of the Chinese national motif, with its ornamental and performance value, making the guzheng full of elegance.

The anti-slip handmade piano code increases the groove anti-skid pattern and improves the stability of the overall performance. High-grade strings for mellow sound, plenty of volume, better penetration and no noise.

The panel and the bottom plate made of high-quality material are more penetrating and full of sound.

Included: 1-5spare strings, tuning wrenches, A-frames, folding music stands, guzheng tape, playing fingernails, small storage bags, dust covers, cleaning kits, guzheng backpacks.

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