8 in 1 Sublimation Printing and Heat Press Transfer Machine


This Combo Multifunctional Swing Away Clamshell design is ideal for T-Shirts, Hats, Caps, Mugs, and Plates up to 15 x 12 Inches.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN – The streamlined anti-scalding handrail design is more comfortable and safe; The machine shell adopts a high-temperature plastic multi-layer heat insulation design to prevent burns

360 DEGREE ROTATION – The heat press employs a swingable and guide rail design, which not only makes it more convenient for you to take clothes, but more importantly, it can evenly heat the machine to ensure the quality of the finished transfer; The design of the pull handle on top is non-slip and simple to operate during printing; The strong base makes it more stable when using.

DOUBLE HEATING TUBE – The double heating tubes design can heat a larger area and make the transfer effect better, as the temperature difference is only about 5 °C from the central and the edge; Unlike other designs whose difference can be more than 10 °C.

POWERFUL FUNCTION – 104-392˚F/40-200℃ temperature range; 0-999s timer range; The temperature will maintain a constant level once the preset time is reached, which ensures the machine solidly works at accurate settings; The small black button on the side of the control box would pop up when the temperature is too high or the voltage is unstable, ensuring your safe use.

8-IN-1 SET – The complete kit helps you easily apply transfers, letters, numbers and images onto T-shirts, caps, ceramic plates, ceramic tiles, mugs, coasters, mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, letterings, and other misc. fabrics; Different sizes of mug presses in the package could meet different transfer demands for you.

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