4 Trumpet Train Horn Kit with Compressor


Catch everyone’s attention with a powerful train horn sound from these high quality metal horns. Four intense trumpets deliver a hard-to-beat blast!

This system fits nearly any 12v vehicle, like a car, pickup, jeep, truck, semi, SUV, boat, and van. IT includes a 150psi Steel Air Compressor, a 1 Gallon Steel Tank, 4 Steel Trumpets, plus all electrical and mounting hardware. The entire system is built to sustain high pressures for durability and safety. This effective reliable system ensures the horns will be ready for action whenever you need them.

The compressor-tank air connection and electrical wiring to the pressure switch are already done, making it ready for a quick, clean and simple setup right out of the box. The hose, fuse and clear instructions are included.

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