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We Rock Your World is the Go To eCommerce Dashboard and Learning Resource for Purpose Driven People.

The Ascension Experience Projects include:

Our holistic approach to facilitating a process of edification, education, and societal evolution strives for balance as we work to enhance the quality of life for everyone. People of good-will reside at the sentient center, engage in honest introspection, and live to evolve the world. The physical light, intellectual insight, and spirit luminosity endowments are, as the Master Teacher once said, to be placed on a stand so that they may give light to all in the house. And our crew of light workers are intent on doing precisely that.

For those of us to whom “the house” is defined as “many mansions,” we expect to be campus hopping for a very long time. If we make the right choices, the Ascension Experience will eventually place us on the shores of Paradise where God will commission us for our next teaching assignment. In the meantime, every parent, tutor, educator, trainer, and educational institution on this planet will have access to our library of in-house originated and otherwise curated inspirational and instructional assets.

Our primary object is to design, commission, and operate a collaborative enterprise that can help individuals to climb the value chain as they work to move societal evolution onward and upward.

Click on one of the major categories for that rare find. Within the We Rock Your World marketplace, you can window shop to your heart’s content. Just click on one of the picture windows to get a full description for anything that peaks your curiosity. Each purchase you make helps to support Ascension University. We are working to make your window shopping experience the best it can be. We hope you will bookmark this site and make the We Rock Your World marketplace your eCommerce dashboard. Enjoy!

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