Seeds & Seedlings – Fruit

A song of ascents: Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in obedience to him. You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.

— Psalm 128:1-2
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Organic Cantaloupe Jumbo Heirloom

Cantaloupe, Burpee’s Hybrid

Cantaloupe, Burpee’s Ambrosia

Melon, Venus Hybrid (Honey Dew)

Melon, Orange Sorbet Hybrid (Honey Dew)

Strawberry, Jewel

Grape, Seedless Collection

Raspberry, Favorite Collection

Blueberry, Duke

Strawberry, Earliglow

Blueberry, Bluejay

Blueberry, Blueray

Strawberry, Jewel

Strawberry, Tribute

Strawberry, Northeaster

Blueberry, Coville

Strawberry, Albion

Raspberry, Killarney

Strawberry, Seascape

Raspberry, Royalty

Watermelon, Snack Pack Hybrid

Watermelon, Crimson Sweet

Watermelon, Ruby

Watermelon Seedless, Big Tasty Hybrid

Cantaloupe, Sweet ‘N Early Hybrid

Melon, Super Dew Hybrid (Honey Dew)

Melon, Burpees Early Hybrid Crenshaw

Cantaloupe, Honey Bun Hybrid

Watermelon, Bush Sugar Baby

Watermelon, Carolina Cross #183 Heirloom

Space Saving Melon Collection

Paw Paw Collection

Watermelon, Charleston Gray

Melon, Twice As Nice

Honeyberry Collection

Grape, Marquette

Raspberry, Jewel

Blueberry, Bluecrop

Grape, Mars Seedless

Grape, Concord

Melon, Honeydew Green Flesh Organic

Cantaloupe, Hearts Of Gold Organic

Raspberry, Jewel

Kiwi, Hardy Collection

Strawberry, Three Great Strawberries Collection

Grape, Marquis Seedless

Grape, Concord

Watermelon, Allsweet Organic

Cantaloupe, Hearts Of Gold

Watermelon, Million Bucks Hybrid

Watermelon, Moon And Stars

Watermelon, Georgia Rattlesnake

Watermelon, Sugar Baby

Melon, Creme De La Creme Hybrid

Grape, Marquette

Raspberry, Heritage

Blueberry, Blueray

Blackberry, Triple Crown

Raspberry, Killarney

Raspberry, Anne

Melon, Early Silverline

Raspberry, Caroline

Blackberry, Triple Crown