Divine Definitions: (1) God makes a choice only after considering all of the options; (2) Expressing determination for a dedicated purpose firmly and resolutely; (3) Faultless action taken after purposeful consideration

• Being all-knowing, all of God’s decisions are made after considering all options. This was true while determining the nature of Nature before anything or anyone existed. God is absolute in relation to the entire time-space universe; and thus, within time-space His decisions, and therefore his actions, are the best possible reaction to each person, planet, or universe.
• When determining (judging) what actions to take with an individual after that person has died, God will include in His decision the circumstances the person was faced with in their life, the choices they made, the qualities they managed to embody within their soul, any long-range plans God has for this soul in His creation, as well as innumerable other factors unknown to us. What we can be absolutely sure of is: His decision(s) will be fair and meticulous.

Human Definitions: (1) arriving at a solution after purposeful consideration thus ending uncertainty or dispute; (2) making a choice or finalizing a judgment; (3) showing determination for a dedicated purpose; firmness; resolute

Synonyms: conclusive, positive, unmistakable, unquestionable

Balancing Qualities: Open-minded, Vision

Parental Qualities: faith, wisdom

Consequential Qualities: calm, peaceful

Too Far: demanding, narrow-minded

Quote: The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity. — Rollo May (1090-1994) Man’s Search for Himself {1953}

Reflection: One of the most difficult times we have is just before a decision is made. This is particularly true on important decisions: a career choice, a relationship choice, a life choice. The mind brings up lots of possibilities and what-ifs. Some of these options have fear-triggering repercussions. But once the decision is made, and you proceed with a course of action, most of that fear dissipates. There are new decisions to make. Doubts will always come up, but if your self-reliance and self-esteem are strong, then some doubt is healthy.

Comment: There are degrees of decision making. There are the big decisions, the hard decisions, and the life-changing decisions that are of major import and have large effects. But the day-to-day decisions, the easy decisions, the habitual decisions, made again and again, are extremely valuable as well. They are like the sand and cement in a dam. They are the foundation of big decisions, and what holds them in place.

Tip: Decisiveness implies follow-through with a vision and clarity of what needs to be accomplished.

Advice: People often look for a general rule that will fit every situation. Use the higher qualities to govern all you do. Start by letting love permeate everything you do. Let personal goodness, idealized truth, and the symmetry and joy of beauty be the overriding characteristics of your choices.