Definitions: (1) value or esteem for others; (2) conscious of the significance, desirability, or quality of a person or their deeds; (3) discriminating perception and enjoyment of aesthetic values; (4) expressing admiration, approval, or grateful acknowledgment; (5) keenly sensible of or sensitive to; intuitive awareness; (6) exercising wise judgment, delicate discernment, or keen insight in recognizing worth
     See also: Giving

Synonyms: cherished, prized, relished, treasured, understood

Balancing Quality: Respectable

• Be prepared to appreciate what you meet. — Frank Herbert (1920-1986) Dune
• By appreciation, we make excellence in others our property. — François-Marie Arouet de Voltaire (1694-1778) French Philosopher

• Tell the people you love, you appreciate them.
• Recognize the compliment your friends give you by including you in their lives.

Admonition: Appreciate the plants and animals. They give up their lives so you can live. Respect the living energy sustaining you.

Appreciation enhances experience. One feels an experience all the more deeply when one appreciates it, especially when shared with a friend.
• If you appreciate something, it is likely someone else does too. Keep that in mind if you like a clean park and are wondering what to do with your trash.

Exercise: Make a list of those things you appreciate: the smell of clean air, the beauty of a flower, the diversity of nature, the good people in your life, and the sunrise and sunset on the walls of the Grand Canyon.